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Woman who struck pedestrians faces possible felony DUI

Here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, police strictly enforce drunk driving laws. Penalties for offenses carry the same stringent severity. For this reason, it can become quite problematic for Ann Arbor residents if they are charged with a driving under the influence offense. Things can become even more complicated when the charge is elevated to a felony DUI, which has even harsher consequences.

In Washington Township, a woman may face the possibility of a felony DUI charge after allegedly striking three people with her jeep. The 21-year-old informed deputies that she was driving east when she hit three people whom she mistook for trash cans because of the sun's glare. She was eventually arrested and taken to a nearby county jail where her blood alcohol content level tested at 0.12 percent, which is above the allowable limit of 0.08 percent. She posted a $10,000 bond for her release. Reports stated that this was her second drunk driving offense.

In Michigan, a DUI charge is considered a felony if the person is convicted of a third DUI. However, other factors may merit a felony charge even without a third conviction. Aggravating factors include serious injury or vehicular manslaughter, having a minor in the vehicle or extensive property damage.

A felony conviction can immensely alter the life of an Ann Arbor, Michigan, resident's life. In addition to serving one to five years in prison, a convicted resident will also lose driving privileges and may have to do community service and pay a large fine. If people are convicted, they may also have trouble finding employment after serving time in prison.

That is why a person in Michigan who has had a similar experience should act as quickly as possible. Defenses are available that can help people following a felony DUI charge.

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