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Michigan man may face felony DUI charge after another arrest

Washtenaw and Ann Arbor residents understand how strict drunk driving laws are in Michigan. A single lapse in judgment can have a resident fighting drunk driving charges and facing other serious consequences. However, for people who have been previously convicted, the stakes may be even higher.

Just recently, a Van Buren County man is facing yet another DUI arrest. The 41-year-old, who has a history of convictions, was found unconscious behind the wheel of his jeep by deputies. The vehicle was stopped on the freeway's travel lane with the lights and engine turned off.

Deputies were able to wake the man up and decided that he was indeed intoxicated. Further investigation showed that the man had six previous convictions for Driving Under the Influence. He is currently on probation for the same offense. The man's license is presently suspended and his bond was set at $50,000.

In Michigan, a DUI charge has been elevated to a felony upon the third conviction. However, vehicular assault or manslaughter and endangering a minor can also result in a felony DUI charge, even without multiple offenses.

Whatever the case may be, being convicted means a number of difficulties for a resident. For one, he or she will pay a high fine, serve a prison sentence and possibly have his license suspended or revoked. A person may also face employment difficulties and the possibility of being ostracized by his or her community.

An Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County, resident facing the possibility of a conviction should do whatever is legally possible to lessen the charges or dismiss the case. Working hand in hand with a criminal law professional can help with preparing an aggressive defense. Guidance from a professional may also help to evaluate possible problems that have led to previous convictions so that the person will no longer be placed in such a compromising situation.

Source: "Man with history of DUI convictions arrested again for suspected DUI," Sept. 9, 2013

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