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Losing a driver's license due to DUI in Michigan

Most states, including Michigan, share a 0.08 percent legal limit of blood-alcohol content. With this, a driver who has a blood-alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or above may be charged with drunk driving. Many Ann Arbor, Michigan, drivers and even celebrities know how serious driving while intoxicated charges are. It can affect every aspect of their lives, including their jobs, reputation and daily activities due to a suspended license and other penalties.

For instance, David Cassidy, 63, who starred in the 1970s television sitcom, The Partridge Family, was recently arrested for drunk driving. According to the report, the former celebrity was charged with a felony DWI. The drunk driving arrest was made after an officer stopped his vehicle. Reportedly, Cassidy's blood alcohol content, 0.08 percent, exceeded the BAC legal limit where he was arrested. He was detained in the county jail but was released after posting $2,500 bail.

Additionally, it was reported that the former television star had a previous DUI conviction at which time he failed a field sobriety test and blew a 0.14 percent.

News about celebrity DUI-related cases demonstrates how every state has strict laws against drunk driving. A drunk driving charge, whether the accused person is a celebrity or not, can carry severe penalties. One of these penalties is a driver's license suspension or revocation.

Losing the privilege to drive may be minor compared with other penalties. Regardless, it can greatly impact a person's life. In Michigan, a drunk driving offense may cause a driver's license to be suspended for 90 days or for up to a year, depending on the case. A DWI conviction may lead to higher car insurance premiums, a damaged reputation and other consequences.

In contrast, a Michigan driver facing drunk driving charges can contest the charges. Challenging a DWI charge, with the help of a solid defense, may enable the defendant to obtain a reasonable outcome in the case.

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