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September 2013 Archives

West Michigan man's drunk driving charges get acquitted

It is common for a person charged with drunk driving to feel that it is an uphill battle. After all, here in Michigan, the enforcement of drunk driving laws is taken very seriously. However, no matter how hard it may seem, it is important for a person not to be disheartened as the possibility of a reduction of the charges or an outright dismissal may not be as remote as it seems.

Court dismisses Michigan State jock's underage drinking charges

Being convicted of drunk driving charges can have severe consequences for an Ann Arbor or Washtenaw, Michigan, resident. On the other hand, underage drinking charges can carry even more weight as they can compromise a young person's life in so many ways.

Drunk driving, high BAC level may lead to a suspended license

Driving is definitely a privilege. For Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, Michigan, residents, losing the privilege to drive can have disastrous consequences. For one, the person's employment can be compromised. The time with family can also significantly decrease. Also, there are fines to pay and other consequences to endure just to have the person's driving privileges reinstated.

Michigan man may face felony DUI charge after another arrest

Washtenaw and Ann Arbor residents understand how strict drunk driving laws are in Michigan. A single lapse in judgment can have a resident fighting drunk driving charges and facing other serious consequences. However, for people who have been previously convicted, the stakes may be even higher.

Despite having a legal BAC level, Michigan woman faces charges

Here in Michigan, as in most states, the blood alcohol content legal limit is set at 0.08 percent. A resident who has a 0.08 percent BAC and above is considered legally intoxicated and is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle. However, a recent case involving a woman who was charged with drunk driving even though her BAC was below the legal limit may leave residents baffled.

West Michigan officer facing DUI charges

Knowing how strict drunk driving laws are here in Michigan, drunk driving convictions can be very harsh for Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County residents. However, for a resident holding a significant position in the community, a conviction or a DUI charge can cause considerable problems.

Losing a driver's license due to DUI in Michigan

Most states, including Michigan, share a 0.08 percent legal limit of blood-alcohol content. With this, a driver who has a blood-alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or above may be charged with drunk driving. Many Ann Arbor, Michigan, drivers and even celebrities know how serious driving while intoxicated charges are. It can affect every aspect of their lives, including their jobs, reputation and daily activities due to a suspended license and other penalties.

Woman who struck pedestrians faces possible felony DUI

Here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, police strictly enforce drunk driving laws. Penalties for offenses carry the same stringent severity. For this reason, it can become quite problematic for Ann Arbor residents if they are charged with a driving under the influence offense. Things can become even more complicated when the charge is elevated to a felony DUI, which has even harsher consequences.