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Teens start crusade against underage drinking

The fact that Ann Arbor is a popular university town that houses some of the top academic institutions in Michigan, such as the University of Michigan, also means that there is an abundance of alcohol and bars and pubs. Unfortunately, teenagers also find ways of acquiring alcohol illegally.

Underage drinking is not tolerated in Michigan. Many drunken teenagers can easily get involved in deadly drunk driving accidents. Sadly, this is not only the fault of the teenagers but the responsibility also lies with the adults who supply them with the alcohol.

In an effort to dissuade young people from obtaining alcohol illegally and in an effort to discourage underage drinking, Michigan has implemented strict rules for those found to distribute liquor to young drinkers. Now, teenagers themselves are doing their part by getting involved in a new campaign.

In Grass Lake, an hour's drive west of Ann Arbor, local teens recently went to 12 alcohol retailers, where they displayed posters and stickers that warn proprietors who provide alcohol to minors. The campaign is called "Project Sticker Shock" and it is a project of the "Most Teens Don't" initiative.

Aside from the safety and health concern message of the campaign, the campaign also emphasizes that people providing alcohol to minors may face fines of up to $1,000 and jail time. Recent reports state that alcohol is the top drug of choice for local teens and that 67 percent of those reported that it is easy to acquire that the teens often obtain alcohol from consenting adults who are willing to sell the alcohol to them illegally.

The campaign involves 160 students from nine schools in the county to interact and communicate with their peers as well as local adults about the misconceptions of teenage drinking, tobacco and drug use. The group has distributed 500 stickers to local retailers.

Alcohol use is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. Many drunken driving cases involve teenagers. Teens facing alcohol-related charges in Ann Arbor may wish to consider speaking with a driving while intoxicated legal professional who may be able to come up with advice and hands-on assistance.

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