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Police crack down on "Welcome Weekend" underage drinking

"Welcome Weekend" is special for first-time college students. It is when freshmen get a first taste of independent college life away from their parents. It is fun but often involves plenty of alcohol also.

Ann Arbor being home to some of the largest universities in America, is well known for elaborate college parties. As the youth celebrate newfound freedom, it is also important to remember that authorities increase their efforts in curbing underage drinking and drunk driving charges during this weekend.

According to local authorities in Mt. Pleasant, extra troopers and local police will be concentrating on alcohol enforcement during "Welcome Weekend." Officers will be checking on underage drinking, traffic violations and drunk driving.

Mt. Pleasant is home to Central Michigan University and authorities expect roughly 20,000 students to attend. Local police forces are working together to ensure a safe environment for the people attending the event. Extra patrols as well as door-to-door inspections in student housing areas are expected. Officers will also be speaking to residents about ordinances and other important matters.

Last year's Welcome Weekend was statistically on par with those from previous years. Many students were ticketed and arrested for alcohol-related violations but few crimes were reported. Officers are hoping for the same results this year as they will be coordinating and increasing their efforts.

Getting into college is a major life achievement and can be the start of many good things and experiences. With increased freedoms, however, teenagers tend to forget their common sense and get carried away in activities like underage drinking.

Students charged with underage drinking and other related criminal offenses may lose certain driving privileges, including a license suspension. In order to avoid some of the harsh penalties that can go along with those charges, students should understand their legal options. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist and give advice on how to handle any charges.

Source: The Morning Sun," Police to work together during Welcome Weekend," Susan Field, Aug. 19, 2013