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August 2013 Archives

Police crack down on "Welcome Weekend" underage drinking

"Welcome Weekend" is special for first-time college students. It is when freshmen get a first taste of independent college life away from their parents. It is fun but often involves plenty of alcohol also.

Serious penalties could await man charged with several felonies

Multiple offenses of drunk driving violations and previous Driving Under the Influence convictions may result in felony charges here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Such charges may also lead to other serious charges if there are extenuating circumstances such as firearm possession and child support warrants, as was the case with a recent arrest made by state troopers.

Drunk driving and drug-related crashes increased in Michigan

Being home to one of the largest universities in the United States, Ann Arbor, Michigan faces challenges when it comes to college students driving drunk. While state authorities constantly remind locals to avoid this dangerous activity, there are still many people who continue to test the patience of authorities, often with fatal results.

Teens start crusade against underage drinking

The fact that Ann Arbor is a popular university town that houses some of the top academic institutions in Michigan, such as the University of Michigan, also means that there is an abundance of alcohol and bars and pubs. Unfortunately, teenagers also find ways of acquiring alcohol illegally.

Michigan man taken into custody for drunk driving

A 30-year-old man was recently taken to the Washtenaw County jail in Michigan. According to the report, the man was incarcerated for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The police officers claimed that he was driving with a flat tire when they caught him.

Smartphone app targets alleged underage drinkers in Michigan

The increasing number of underage drinkers may not be a surprise for Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents. Considering that most college students and teenagers are freely exposed to alcohol, underage drinking remains a problem. The expansion of technology also contributes to the issue because websites now offer to sell fake identification to underage people so that they can get into bars and pubs.

Driver with prior DUI offense is subject to felony DUI

Near Ann Arbor, Michigan a 27-year-old man was stopped by police for driving under the influence. According to sources, authorities alleged that they spotted the man's vehicle drifting from one lane to another while driving east on Ford Road on July 15, 2013. Allegedly, the Westland man had slurred speech, blood shot eyes and smelled of alcohol when the police pulled him over in the parking lot. As a result, the driver was taken into custody and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated.