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Geography plays a role with DUI arrest in Michigan

For years the message "don't drink and drive" has been strongly addressed to many Michigan residents. Driving an automobile impaired can potentially put others in danger and result in serious consequences to the offender. For offenders, a DUI conviction can mean having a suspended license and possible jail time amongst other penalties. Depending where in Michigan an individual is can alter their chances of getting pulled over for DUI.

With thousands of drunk driving arrests each year statewide, several Michigan cities have done their part to prevent drunk driving while others have skimped out. In Ann Arbor for instance, police arrested 132 people alone last year, nearly 30 percent more than the previous year while East Lansing rose 40 percent in numbers. Some of the declining DUI arrest cities have blamed new officers training as reasoning behind the decrease of arrests while towns with an increase in DUI arrests claim that grants and other incentives have contributed to their increase. Regardless of the city, police officers must still conduct the same procedures to properly charge someone with DUI

For a police officer to charge someone with a DUI, they must have a reasonable cause to pull someone over. Some appropriate causes include, having a tail light out, swerving and speeding. Once an individual is pulled over, police must again have a reasonable cause to assume the driver is impaired. Slurred speech, breathalyzer readings and sobriety tests are all deemed a valid cause. If an officer goes off a hunch for any of these reasons, the offender may have their charges dropped later in court.

From suspended license to heavy fines, drinking and driving comes with several serious penalties. Michigan offenders facing drunk driving charges may find an attorney to be helpful in their defense. The state of Michigan is strict when it comes to DUI.

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