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DUI arrests increase in Michigan

Last year in Michigan alone there were over 37,000 drunk driving arrests. With the average DUI cost in the thousands, conviction is one expensive and detrimental hangover. Many DUI offenders face a myriad of problems initially, and usually more down the road. Residents convicted of three or more DUIs could potentially be felons for the rest of their lives. As the state cracks down on DUIs, more residents have been charged, leaving some prone to facing a felony DUI conviction.

The state of Michigan has increasingly gotten tougher on their DUI laws. Just over 10 years ago, the legal blood alcohol limit to operate a motorized vehicle was .10. With today's legal threshold at .08, it is no surprise that many Michigan counties have increased the number of DUI arrests each year. Offenders can face serious penalties including large fines, license revocation, incarceration and many more consequences.

Getting a felony DUI conviction can often damper one's future career goals and prevent them from getting jobs. For example, most jobs in the medical or educational field will not hire someone with a felony DUI conviction. Likewise, most jobs that require driving will not hire a person convicted of a drunk driving offense.

Aside from future problems, individuals could face mandatory jail sentences and heavy fines. Factors contributing to a felony DUI charge include, prior DUI convictions, presence of children in the vehicle and if any death or serious injury is caused to others.

Michigan residents facing a felony DUI charge should understand the severity of the charges. They should also look into all of their legal options for defending themselves against the charges. In many cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate lesser charges, or even to win an acquittal.

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