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Alleged drunk drivers may get license suspension

In Michigan, the Fourth of July holiday is not just about celebration, parties and family visits, it is also a day to catch drunk drivers on the road. Actually, police officers across Michigan, including those in Washtenaw, are committed to stopping drunk driving. Cracking down on drunk driving is part of the campaign called "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over."

According to sources, law enforcement officers from 26 counties are attempting to get drunk drivers off the road. They aim to prevent drunk driving accidents as well, considering that July and August are the months with the highest number of alcohol-related fatalities and injuries in Michigan. Drivers aged 21 and above must comply with Michigan's blood-alcohol content limit of 0.08%. Motorists whose blood-alcohol level exceeds the legal limit may possibly face Driving While Intoxicated charges, suspended license and other consequences.

Although a license suspension is minor compares to some other possible consequences of drunk driving, losing the right to drive can negatively impact a person's day-to-day activities. A suspended license may also result if the alleged drunk driver refuses to take a breath test.

Michigan has implied consent laws and it mandates drivers to consent to roadside tests and chemical tests in the event of a traffic stop. Refusing to comply with the tests may automatically suspend the person's driver's license.

Aside from a suspended license, individuals accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated may face other repercussions. This may include large fines, an ignition interlock system and being banned from purchasing a firearm. A drunk driving conviction on a person's record may also impact employment-related opportunities, applications for student loans and other future endeavors.

Considering the drunk driving consequences, individuals alleged of having a DWI may need an aggressive defense. Challenging the field sobriety tests and procedures performed by the police during the traffic stop may benefit the defendant as well. An experienced DWI attorney will know the best course of action to defend against the charges.

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