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July 2013 Archives

Pontoon operator alleged for drunk driving in Michigan

Many Ann Arbor, Michigan, residents are fully aware of the severe drunk driving laws in their state. These laws prohibit drivers from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. As summer approaches; however, local residents who enjoy water-related activities should know that operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol may have potential consequences.

Michigan resident facing a number of DUI-related charges

The penalties for driving under the influence vary from state to state and may also depend on other factors, such as prior DWI convictions, having children in the vehicle, and whether bodily harm is caused. A drunk driving charge involving serious injury or the death of another person can turn a simple DWI into a charge of vehicular homicide. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, for example, a fatal drunk driving accident is a felony carrying a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

Alleged drunk drivers may get license suspension

In Michigan, the Fourth of July holiday is not just about celebration, parties and family visits, it is also a day to catch drunk drivers on the road. Actually, police officers across Michigan, including those in Washtenaw, are committed to stopping drunk driving. Cracking down on drunk driving is part of the campaign called "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over."

DUI arrest may lead to suspended license in Michigan

Jail time is one of the possible consequences that an alleged Driving Under the Influence offender may experience. While most motorists in Ann Arbor should be concerned about this punishment, a drunk driving charge, even before conviction, may carry certain repercussions. One of these is a driver's license suspension.

Michigan teen charged with vehicular homicide

Drivers in Ann Arbor know that they are required to take reasonable care to avoid harming others, while they are behind the wheel. This requirement is not only enforced in order to make roads safer for everyone but also to avoid criminal charges that can cause a driver to experience severe penalties and fines.

Geography plays a role with DUI arrest in Michigan

For years the message "don't drink and drive" has been strongly addressed to many Michigan residents. Driving an automobile impaired can potentially put others in danger and result in serious consequences to the offender. For offenders, a DUI conviction can mean having a suspended license and possible jail time amongst other penalties. Depending where in Michigan an individual is can alter their chances of getting pulled over for DUI.

DUI arrests increase in Michigan

Last year in Michigan alone there were over 37,000 drunk driving arrests. With the average DUI cost in the thousands, conviction is one expensive and detrimental hangover. Many DUI offenders face a myriad of problems initially, and usually more down the road. Residents convicted of three or more DUIs could potentially be felons for the rest of their lives. As the state cracks down on DUIs, more residents have been charged, leaving some prone to facing a felony DUI conviction.