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Underage drinking charges dropped after questionable warrant

Between making new friends, exploring a new career choice and getting a degree, college has a lot to offer to Michigan residents. However, it is also infamously known as a breeding ground for underage drinking. Many underage students will experiment with alcohol at some point or another during college. Most of this drinking occurs at house parties which can sometimes make it easy for police to issue mass arrests. Recently, Michigan police busted a house party and charged 20 college students with misdemeanor alcohol possession and noise violations however all of the charges were dropped due to excessive force by police and an illegal expansion of a warrant.

The whole incident began as a noise complaint coming from a residence. Allegedly police entered the house with guns drawn prior to executing a search warrant. They supposedly used excessive force to pull students out of their beds at gunpoint, questioning them in regards as to if they had consumed alcohol or not. Currently, eight officers are being internally investigating for failing to inform the students of their Miranda rights before giving them a breathalyzer test and illegally expanding the scope of the warrant.

A similar incident occurred last October where police entered a house with guns drawn on a questionable search warrant. That case was later dismissed and all charges were dropped. Five attorneys were to represent all 20 students in court for the present incident but prosecutors eventually dismissed the case due to concerns over the validity of a search warrant.

Any Michigan resident facing underage drinking charges may have a chance to either get their charges dropped completely or greatly reduced with the proper criminal defense.

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