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Michigan man arrested for felony DUI after yelling obscenities

Alcohol has been known to cloud one's judgment. Under the influence, many people will commit acts they are not proud of. One of these acts is driving while intoxicated. Each year numerous Michigan residents will face drunk driving charges. Often times these charges can be extremely detrimental to an offender's life if convicted. A Michigan man was recently charged with a DUI after being pulled over because his passenger was yelling obscenities out the window.

In order to pull a vehicle over, police must have a probable cause. Speeding, swerving or having a broken taillight are all legal grounds to getting pulled over but yelling out the window too? Michigan police pulled over a 34-year-old man after his passenger was yelling at a cop conducting a traffic stop. Police pulled over the vehicle and arrested the driver for DUI, making it his third DUI offense which could turn into a felony if convicted. The passenger was cited for disorderly conduct and released.

Having a felony DUI on one's record usually occurs from either multiple DUI offenses, presence of children in the vehicle or if a serious injury or death results. Some of the possible penalties include jail time, large fines, installing an ignition interlock system and much more. Under Heidi's law, a DUI conviction can remain on a record for over 10 years. It can also diminish an offender's chances of finding a job after a conviction. Most jobs that require driving will not hire a DUI offender.

For many Michigan felony DUI offenders, there are ways to eliminate or reduce a DUI charge by seeking legal defense. An attorney can provide additional resources and help to those in need.

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