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Michigan firefighter charged with DUI

One of the most reputation damaging convictions for an individual to have on their record is a DUI. Each year many Americans face a variety of drunk driving charges. Whether it is on a boat, a lawnmower or a car; operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is illegal in America and can come with heavy consequences. In many cases it can lead to jail or possible job deferment. A Michigan firefighter was recently arrested for drunk driving after crashing a car last week.

The firefighter was off-duty at the time of the arrest and police suspected that he was driving under the influence. He submitted to a breathalyzer test and later tested above Michigan's legal blood alcohol limit of .08. He was then taken to jail and charged with DUI. After the incident, the firefighter was re-assigned duties and not allowed to operate city vehicles at work. Further action may be required if the firefighter is convicted.

For many jobs, a DUI conviction is grounds for termination, especially jobs that require their employees to drive. Employers will often refuse to hire someone with a DUI record. For offenders who are working on moving past their DUI conviction, it can often be difficult. Michigan is well-known for having very strict drunk driving laws. If charged with a DUI, offenders could face jail, heavy fines, mandatory alcohol abuse classes and damage to their professional reputation.

Michigan offenders facing drunk driving charges may want to consider having legal defense. In some cases, charges may be dropped or greatly reduced. An attorney may provide additional information and advice to those in need of defense.

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