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Free DVD offered to teens to help combat underage drinking

When inexperienced driving is combined with underage drinking, results can be deadly. Traffic crashes are the most common cause of death for 15-to-20-year-olds in America. Now that school is out for the summer, most Michigan teens are free for the summer and may experiment with alcohol. That is why two Michigan organizations collaborated to create a new traffic safety resource aimed at helping teens and young adults to make better decisions about driving and alcohol.

The Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan and the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning have produced a new traffic safety DVD available free of charge for viewers. The DVD features dramatizations of a distracted driving crash, PowerPoint presentations and additional features on drunk driving. The main issues of the DVD are underage drinking and distracted driving. By spreading awareness with the DVD, the group hopes to ultimately reduce the amount of young adult traffic fatalities each year.

For many Michigan teens, underage drinking is a major temptation that often comes from peer pressure and can result in harsh legal and life-altering consequences. For example, having a minor in possession of alcohol conviction can land many student athletes off sports teams and disrupt college scholarships.

Every resident under the age of 21 that is pulled over by police with any trace of alcohol on their system can face a drunk driving charge. Getting a DUI can caused detrimental damage to a student's educational and professional future.

The best way to prevent underage drinking is to simply not engage in it, but unfortunately many Michigan residents cannot resist the temptation. Anyone who is charged with a drunk driving or any other alcohol related charges, should understand their legal situation and how to get help protecting their rights.

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