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Drunk driving enforcement varies across Michigan

One of the most embarrassing and detrimental convictions to have on a criminal record is a drunk driving charge. While applying for a job, many employers will disregard applicants solely based on a DUI offense. The state of Michigan is one of worst places in the nation to get charged with DUI. Michigan often makes it difficult for offenders to succeed after a conviction due to its strict laws and often unforgiving policies. After analyzing law enforcement records for most Michigan counties, drunken driving enforcement varies across Michigan.

Some Michigan Counties have seen a significant increase in drunk driving arrests while others have reduced their arrests in half. Washtenaw County for example had seen a drastic decrease of drunk driving arrest while Kalamazoo County had greatly increased their numbers of arrests. In fact, the city of Richland in Kalamazoo County has more drunken driving arrests per officer than anywhere else in the state. The city also only has two officers but between the two, they made 60 arrests last year.

Many DUI arrests are often a result of a traffic stop. Whether it is from swerving or having a tail light out, Michigan police must have a reason to pull an individual over. Once they pull someone over and have reason to believe the driver is impaired, they may make an arrest. Any ambiguity or disparity in their reasoning behind the arrest may later be challenged in court. An officer can never arrest someone for drunk driving based on a hunch, they must have reasonable cause.

If faced with drunk driving charges, an individual could face potential jail time, heavy fines, mandatory alcohol classes and many more consequences. Any Michigan resident charged with a DUI has the right to an attorney and may face reduced charges depending on their defense.

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