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June 2013 Archives

Underage drinking charges dropped after questionable warrant

Between making new friends, exploring a new career choice and getting a degree, college has a lot to offer to Michigan residents. However, it is also infamously known as a breeding ground for underage drinking. Many underage students will experiment with alcohol at some point or another during college. Most of this drinking occurs at house parties which can sometimes make it easy for police to issue mass arrests. Recently, Michigan police busted a house party and charged 20 college students with misdemeanor alcohol possession and noise violations however all of the charges were dropped due to excessive force by police and an illegal expansion of a warrant.

Drunk driving enforcement varies across Michigan

One of the most embarrassing and detrimental convictions to have on a criminal record is a drunk driving charge. While applying for a job, many employers will disregard applicants solely based on a DUI offense. The state of Michigan is one of worst places in the nation to get charged with DUI. Michigan often makes it difficult for offenders to succeed after a conviction due to its strict laws and often unforgiving policies. After analyzing law enforcement records for most Michigan counties, drunken driving enforcement varies across Michigan.

Michigan firefighter charged with DUI

One of the most reputation damaging convictions for an individual to have on their record is a DUI. Each year many Americans face a variety of drunk driving charges. Whether it is on a boat, a lawnmower or a car; operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is illegal in America and can come with heavy consequences. In many cases it can lead to jail or possible job deferment. A Michigan firefighter was recently arrested for drunk driving after crashing a car last week.

Michigan man arrested for felony DUI after yelling obscenities

Alcohol has been known to cloud one's judgment. Under the influence, many people will commit acts they are not proud of. One of these acts is driving while intoxicated. Each year numerous Michigan residents will face drunk driving charges. Often times these charges can be extremely detrimental to an offender's life if convicted. A Michigan man was recently charged with a DUI after being pulled over because his passenger was yelling obscenities out the window.

Free DVD offered to teens to help combat underage drinking

When inexperienced driving is combined with underage drinking, results can be deadly. Traffic crashes are the most common cause of death for 15-to-20-year-olds in America. Now that school is out for the summer, most Michigan teens are free for the summer and may experiment with alcohol. That is why two Michigan organizations collaborated to create a new traffic safety resource aimed at helping teens and young adults to make better decisions about driving and alcohol.

DUI conviction can cause major problems for Michigan residents

While driving along the highway or road, many Michigan residents are plagued with fear when they see the red and blue lights flashing in their mirror. Getting pulled over by the police can be a scary time, even if it is for a minor offense such as a broken taillight. But even the most minor offenses can give officers the right to pull someone over. This situation becomes even scarier when an individual has been drinking. Getting charged with driving under the influence is one of the most detrimental offenses someone can face.

Michigan police officer charged with DUI after a BAC of .235

People tend to make bad decisions when they drink alcohol. Whether it is calling an ex lover in the wee hours of the morning or dancing on top of a bar, alcohol can drastically alter one's judgment. For many Michigan residents, operating a motor vehicle has been one of those misjudgments committed while under the influence. In many cases, driving under the influence of alcohol has caused a lot of trouble for offenders. Facing any form of drunk driving charges can come with detrimental consequences.

Hidden fines add up for Michigan DUI offenders

The popular expression "crime doesn't pay" has been around for decades. Superheroes, police officers and dads all over the world have used it but does this expression have any truth to it? Crime does not pay for the vast majority of crimes committed. A few criminals, such as D.B Cooper considering he survived his skydiving plane robbery, may be an exception to this expression but the fact is crime does not pay at all. In fact, it can cost a ridiculous amount of money, especially if the crime is drunk driving related. Whether it's a felony DUI or a misdemeanor DUI, Michigan has one of the toughest and most expensive DUI penalties in America.