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Over 400 Michiganders arrested in latest drunk driving crackdown

One of the most detrimental things to have on one's record is a DUI or DWI. One such accusation by police can potentially cost Michigan residents a lifetime of consequences. Between license suspension, large fines and jail time, DUI is a serious offense.

Many residents are familiar with the nearly month-long drunk driving crackdown that lasted from March 13 through April 8. 433 Michigan residents were arrested with some form of a drunk driving charge during this period, which covered the St. Patrick's Day holiday along with most high school and college spring breaks. The stated aim was to crack down during times when people were supposedly more likely to drink and drive.

The state saw an increase of 28 more arrested than a similar enforcement effort in 2012. Out of the 433, 72 fell into the "super drunk" category with a blood alcohol level of .17 or higher. For offenders who fit the "super drunk" category, higher penalties are usually enforced.

In the state of Michigan, any first time DUI offender with a BAC of .17 or higher is subjected to what the state calls "super drunk." Defendants can face jail time of up to 180 days, massive fines, year-long mandatory alcohol treatment program and installation of an alcohol ignition interlock device. Such a charge can also be devastating to one's reputation and future career.

For any Michigan resident who has been arrested on a drunk driving charge, "super drunk" or otherwise, there may be hope for a reduction or even dismissal of the charges. A legal professional experienced in handling such cases may be able to advise a defendant on the best strategy to pursue in court.

Source: My Fox Detroit, "Crackdown on drunk driving nets 433 people in Michigan," April 23, 2013

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