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Deerfield principal charged with DUI after being "super drunk"

A drunk driving arrest can happen to anyone. But, just one drinking and driving mistake is all it takes for someone's life to change. Alcoholism and depression have been blamed for many DUIs, while others have been from poor judgment. For many offenders, a DUI can ruin their professional career. Between a suspended license to prolonged jail time, hiring someone with a DUI conviction is not easy. Recently, a Deerfield principal was arrested for a DUI and now could be facing some serious consequences.

The 44-year-old female elementary principal was arrested after 911 callers reported a drunk driver. The woman was arrested in the parking lot of the school where she worked. After a breathalyzer test, the principal allegedly blew a .21 blood alcohol level, which is more than double the state legal limit of .08. If convicted, the principal would fall under Michigan's "super drunk" law since her BAC was above .17. Offenders who fit under the "super drunk" category can face heavier fines, more jail time and mandatory alcohol treatment programs.

Along with heavier consequences, "super drunk" offenders can face a mandatory one-year driver's license suspension with a period of 45 days of absolutely no driving. For individuals who depend on driving for their job, this could mean termination. In order for someone to be considered "super drunk" two things must occur: it must be a first time DUI offender and they must have a BAC above .17. If both requirements are met, "super drunk" may be added to the conviction.

DUI's can continue to negatively impact and individual's life well after the incident happened. Many offenders face difficulties with their professional careers due to a suspended license or felony DUI. But, it is important to remember that any Michigan resident facing a DUI has a chance to defend themselves in court.

Source:, "Allegedly 'Super drunk' principal caught on camera in Michigan," Kate Stanton, April 30, 2013

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