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As graduation nears, many teens are tempted by underage drinking

As most Michigan high schools wrap up their proms, many students are nearing graduation. For many teens, this is a time to celebrate the end of the school year and a start to a new beginning. Unfortunately, the truth is, many of these graduating teens will celebrate with alcohol if they havent already. What they do not realize is that the state of Michigan has one of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation, especially for residents who are underage.

Underage drinking continues to remain a problem for many Michigan teens. Each year a hefty amount of teens face a minor in consumption while others face a DUI conviction. In Michigan, any person under the age of 21 that drinks and drives, regardless of the amount of alcohol, can get a DUI. So for a teen, one sip of alcohol behind the wheel can result in a DUI offense. What many teens fail to realize is that a DUI can cause detrimental damage to their future.

At a bare minimum, a teen convicted of a DUI will lose their license, have to pay heavy fines and may even have jail time depending on the severity of the circumstances surrounding the conviction. Even with a .01 blood alcohol content, an underage resident could get a DUI. If the BAC level is above a .17, the offender may fall under the states super drunk law and could potentially face heavier consequences. Multiple offenses can also lead to more legal trouble.

Most Michigan residents convicted of a minor in consumption or a DUI may find an attorney helpful. In many cases, underage drinking can be damaging to both a professional career as well as an educational future.

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