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Michigan teens work together to combat underage drinking

High school is a time for many students to explore new experiences. From meeting new friends to participating in school activities, high school is a breeding ground for new possibilities. For many Michigan teens, high school parties have provided an environment for students to experiment with alcohol, which often comes with detrimental effects. With the legal drinking age of 21, how do most of these teens get alcohol?

Close to half of underage drinking is fueled by alcohol provided by an adult. What may seem like an innocuous thing to do can provide devastating results. Research has shown that during the months of April through June, one-third of all alcohol-related traffic deaths occur. That is why a youth-led organization is attempting to spread awareness of underage drinking as well as prevent it. Over a dozen students from all over Michigan are teaming up with more than 30 alcohol vendors to promote the dangers of underage drinking.

"Project Sticker Shock" is what the students are calling the movement which involves placing awareness posters and stickers throughout the community. For many Michigan teens, underage drinking can come with irrevocable consequences. In the state of Michigan, anyone under the age of 21 who operates a motor vehicle is considered impaired. A teen can get a DWI even if their blood alcohol level is 0.01 or less. DWI's can often be costly and linger on a record for a long time.

Michigan teens that are facing DUI conviction may find trouble in both their professional and educational future. An attorney may provide advice to anyone with an underage drinking conviction.

Source:, "Local high school students 'stick it' to underage drinking," April 14, 2013

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