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Felony DUI may cost a Michigan Navy vet jail time

Driving while under the influence is an ordinary occurrence in Michigan. Every year many residents will face DUI charges most commonly associated with a car or truck but one man could now face 45 days in jail for a felony DUI he got while riding his lawn mower.

A Michigan Navy veteran was sentenced to a felony DUI for his third offense recently after the man was pulled over on his lawn mower. Many states, including Michigan, can charge drunk driving to anyone operating a motorized vehicle, including a lawn mower. Upon a breathalyzer test, the man only blew a .10 blood-alcohol level, just barely above the legal limit of .08. The struggling vet could now lose his job if he has to serve jail time.

Michigan is known to have harsh DUI laws, especially for repeat offenders. Anytime an individual is faced with a third offense, a felony charge may result. Typically felony DUI charges can lead to increased jail time and higher fines. There are many ways to challenge a felony DUI charge starting with the breathalyzer test. Just like most machines, a breathalyzer is capable of error. Anytime an offender's Breathalyzer result is between .08 and .10, they may be in the error of margin and could possibly have charges dropped. Sometimes police do not properly maintain the breathalyzer which can also be challenged in court.

Either way, a felony DUI can be detrimental to any Michigan offender's life. From license suspension or revocation to installing an ignition interlock system, felony DUIs come with penalties. An attorney may be able to provide advice for any individual facing a DUI conviction.

Source: USA Today, "Man who drove lawn mower drunk could get jail time," Tammy Stables Battaglia, April, 11, 2013

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