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April is "Social Host Awareness Month" for Michigan residents

For many Michigan high school students and parents, prom is right around the corner. The Cinderella dresses, limo rides, dancing and expensive dinners are all a part of the experience. Also, although many parents hate to admit it, alcohol is also a part of the experience for some. However, numerous officials are stepping up by proclaiming April as "Social Host Awareness Month." By spreading awareness, the program hopes to discourage underage drinking by calling on parents and others who host parties to not serve alcohol to minors.

In the state of Michigan, anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to consume alcohol. It is also illegal for adults to allow minors to consume alcohol at their homes. The social host liability laws hold adults responsible for any underage drinking. Statistics have shown that 100 percent of all alcohol consumed by minors has come from adults. The program hopes to spread awareness to adults in the effort that they will not provide alcohol to minors while hosting social gatherings.

Receiving a charge related to underage drinking or a charge for providing alcohol to minors can have a detrimental impact on any individual. There may be other consequences as well. For example, if an adult hosts a party where an underage drinker is killed due to alcohol poisoning, the adult may be responsible for the death. For underage drinkers who are charged with minor in consumption, the consequences could potentially affect their professional future.

It is important for adults and minors to be aware of the consequences of underage drinking despite if it occurs in a safe environment. Underage drinking and social host liability law violations do happen. Any Michigan resident facing charges may want to consider talking with an experienced attorney for legal advice.

Source:, "Program urges party hosts to be 'socially aware'," Judy Wagley, March 29, 2013

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