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April 2013 Archives

Michigan students target adults who serve alcohol to minors

Biting the hand that feeds you is literally what some Michigan high school students are doing. These students have taken a stand to say no to adults who promote underage drinking by supplying the alcohol for this criminal offense.

Michigan teens work together to combat underage drinking

High school is a time for many students to explore new experiences. From meeting new friends to participating in school activities, high school is a breeding ground for new possibilities. For many Michigan teens, high school parties have provided an environment for students to experiment with alcohol, which often comes with detrimental effects. With the legal drinking age of 21, how do most of these teens get alcohol?

21-year-old Michigan man faces two Felony DUI charges

One of the most damaging charges to have on one's record is a felony DUI. It can come with many negative consequences including prolonged jail time, massive fines, mandatory use of an ignition interlock device and others. In addition, employers will often lose interest in an applicant who has a felony DUI. Having a felony DUI on their record will affect Michigan residents for the rest of their lives.

Felony DUI may cost a Michigan Navy vet jail time

Driving while under the influence is an ordinary occurrence in Michigan. Every year many residents will face DUI charges most commonly associated with a car or truck but one man could now face 45 days in jail for a felony DUI he got while riding his lawn mower.

Michigan boaters could face same DUI charges as drivers

After a long winter, spring has finally returned. With snow melting off the grass and ice melting off the lakes, many Michigan residents are ready for summer. With every summer come all the benefits that follow. Boating on the lakes, weekends at the cabin, ice cold beer on the beach and high temperatures are what the summer is all about. However, those residents who enjoy drinking while driving their boat may be interested to know that lawmakers are attempting to decrease the legal blood alcohol limit of operating a boat.

April is "Social Host Awareness Month" for Michigan residents

For many Michigan high school students and parents, prom is right around the corner. The Cinderella dresses, limo rides, dancing and expensive dinners are all a part of the experience. Also, although many parents hate to admit it, alcohol is also a part of the experience for some. However, numerous officials are stepping up by proclaiming April as "Social Host Awareness Month." By spreading awareness, the program hopes to discourage underage drinking by calling on parents and others who host parties to not serve alcohol to minors.

Michigan man charged with felony DUI after riding lawn mower

When most people hear about someone getting charged with driving under the influence, they typically picture the incident occurring in a car or truck. However, it isn't uncommon for an individual to get a DUI while driving a boat, dirt bike or other recreational vehicle. Recently Michigan police arrested a man accused of driving his lawn mower drunk.

Former Michigan State football player faces drunk driving charges

Many Michigan residents have probably heard of Michigan State junior TyQuan Hammock because of his three seasons as a Spartan football player. Many fans remember his critical 29-yard-catch that led Michigan State to beat TCU in the Buffalo Wild Wins Bowl last December. Unfortunately, the football star faces drunk driving charges after a recent arrest for both drunk driving and carrying a handgun while drunk.