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Michigan parents to get notices on underage drinking

For many Michigan teens graduating high school this spring, graduation cannot come soon enough. With graduation so near, many teens have been known to celebrate and party using alcohol or other illegal drugs. But for the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, making sure these kids stay safe and away from drugs and alcohol is their number one priority.

The coalition plans to send a letter to the parents of numerous graduating high school students about the dangers of underage drinking. The letters are aimed to get parents to talk about the dangers as well as the legal consequences with their children. They will arrive with the Michigan State Police emblem on the front of the envelope to assure they are read by the parents. With spring in the air and prom near, the coalition wants to increase awareness of the dangers associated with underage drinking. They urge students to celebrate spring events in a safe way.

Although underage drinking is highly frowned upon by most Michigan communities, it still happens. In the state of Michigan, anyone under the age of 21 who has consumed alcohol may be subjected to legal trouble. DUIs can be issued to underage drinkers even if they are below the legal BAC limit of .08 percent that applies to those who are of age.

Also, house parties providing alcohol to minors have risen in popularity. The coalition warns that homeowners may be legally responsible if anything happens to an underage individual who has been drinking at their residence.

If charged with underage drinking or drunk driving in the State of Michigan, it is a good move to have a legal professional build a strong DWI defense. These things do happen and they shouldn't ruin or destroy a minor's professional or educational future.

Source:, "Parents Of Graduating Seniors To Get Letters On Drinking Dangers," Dean Cousino, March 2, 2013

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