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Michigan man awaits trial in hit-and-run case

Having multiple DUI offenses in the state of Michigan can result in serious consequences. After a third offense, offenders may be left with a permanent felony DUI conviction on their record that can cause future hardship. It is important for citizens to know their rights when accused of a DUI. One Dearborn Heights man faces DUI suspicion after an alleged hit-and-fun last week.

According to a witness, the 44-year-old allegedly hit a pedestrian late at night and continued to drive off, leaving the injured pedestrian on the side of the road. The pedestrian was a 24-year-old man and suffered facial and closed-head injuries as a result. Nearly 12 hours after the hit-and-run, police arrested the 44-year-old outside a liquor store after receiving a tip that a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's Ford F-150 had been sighted there.

Shortly after his arrest, the man was given a preliminary breathalyzer test and blew a 0.22. In the state of Michigan, 0.08 percent or higher is considered drunk. His blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit at the time, but the fact that he blew this 12 hours after the accident allegedly occurred may not be evidence that he was drunk when it happened.

It is still unclear whether there is enough evidence to prove that a drunk driving offense was involved in the accident, but the man faces drunk driving charges in addition to charges related to the alleged hit-and-run incident. The man will need a dedicated defense attorney to avoid serious penalties.

Source: Press and Guide, "Driver accused in hit and run heading to trial," Joe Slezak, Mar. 1, 2013

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