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Many Michigan DUI offenders likely to face license suspension

Many Michigan residents charged with DWI or DUI could potentially have their drivers' license revoked or suspended. That could be a major inconvenience for anyone who depends on his or her license to drive around. Drinking and driving is a terrible decision but its still a decision that many drivers make. They then must deal with the harrowing consequences and repercussions, like license suspension. A Troy, Michigan man faces DUI charges after he was recently arrested for driving drunk with a suspended license.

The 30-year-old apparently crashed his car into another driver and then a tree. He was allegedly driving beyond the state's blood alcohol content limit of 0.08. The man subsequently attempted to escape on foot but was later apprehended by police after they followed his muddy footprints to his residence. The man consented to a preliminary breath test and blew a 0.239. He faces a variety of charges, including driving with a suspended license, DUI and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. Many of these charges may lead to serious consequences later in life including jail time, drivers' license suspension or revocation, fines and installation of an ignition interlock system.

Any Michigan resident convicted of DUI could potentially lose their license for an extended period of time. Depending on the number of prior offenses, one could lose their license for years. But there are alternatives for DUI defendants other than assumed jail time and license suspension. There is also a process called sobriety court, which aims to help individuals with their drinking problem instead of punishing them. It requires serious commitment and may not be applicable to every offender.

All Michigan residents concerned about having their license suspended after a DUI offense should seek legal advice to determine which defense options work best for them. DUIs do happen and it is important to get the situation resolved quickly and before it leads to more problems down the road.

Source: TroyPatch, "Police Say Man Drives into Tree, Abandons Car, Gets Arrested Anyway," Timothy Rath, March 12, 2013

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