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March 2013 Archives

Michigan veteran struggling after DUI charge

Driving while under the influence has become a common driving offense for many Michigan residents. Many individuals facing DUI or DWI charges know how expensive and life-damaging the charge can be. For many offenders, DUI's can cost them their careers by having their driver's license suspended or revoked. For one veteran convicted of DUI, he recently lost more than just his license.

Medical amnesty aimed to help hospitalized underage drinkers

Just about every Michigan resident under the age of 21 has been tempted by alcohol at some point in their lives, especially college students. Many of these underage individuals are familiar of the consequences of underage drinking but still choose to imbibe. A recent law will offer underage drinkers protection if they make the smart decision to seek medical attention for alcohol poisoning.

"Super drunk" laws enforce heavy consequence for MI offenders

Many Michigan residents have been charged with a DUI or DWI over the years. When the accused blows over the legal blood alcohol content limit of 0.08, they are considered in violation of the drunk driving laws and face a penalty. But a new state law will enforce stricter penalties based on the individual's BAC.

Springtime in Michigan brings DUI crackdowns

Last week, police in 26 counties began an all-out offensive on Michigan drivers. Scheduled to persist through April 8, the much-hyped drunk driving crackdown coincides with a number of festive springtime events, including St. Patrick's Day, spring break for college students and NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments. Local residents who find themselves charged with drunk driving in connection with this initiative need to be aware of their rights to defend themselves against the charges.

Many Michigan DUI offenders likely to face license suspension

Many Michigan residents charged with DWI or DUI could potentially have their drivers' license revoked or suspended. That could be a major inconvenience for anyone who depends on his or her license to drive around. Drinking and driving is a terrible decision but its still a decision that many drivers make. They then must deal with the harrowing consequences and repercussions, like license suspension. A Troy, Michigan man faces DUI charges after he was recently arrested for driving drunk with a suspended license.

Michigan parents to get notices on underage drinking

For many Michigan teens graduating high school this spring, graduation cannot come soon enough. With graduation so near, many teens have been known to celebrate and party using alcohol or other illegal drugs. But for the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, making sure these kids stay safe and away from drugs and alcohol is their number one priority.

Underage drinking leads to injury in parking lot

Alcohol has been part of American culture for years. America is known for having one of the highest drinking ages in the world at 21. Several underage Michigan residents found the effects of alcohol to be a big inconvenience at a convenience store.

Michigan man awaits trial in hit-and-run case

Having multiple DUI offenses in the state of Michigan can result in serious consequences. After a third offense, offenders may be left with a permanent felony DUI conviction on their record that can cause future hardship. It is important for citizens to know their rights when accused of a DUI. One Dearborn Heights man faces DUI suspicion after an alleged hit-and-fun last week.