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Michigan police targeted drunk driving prevention for Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is a day for parties and celebrations in Michigan and across the United States. Sports fans should enjoy the day, but they should also make responsible plans for their transportation. Drunk driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol, is illegal and carries stiff penalties. A driver found to be drunk driving can be charged with a felony by police authorities.

In anticipation of the Super Bowl, Michigan law enforcement authorities implemented aggressive plans for controlling and reducing drunk driving. About 70 agencies from 20 counties in Michigan worked together to increase patrols and set up special traffic enforcement zones. Last year, 166 people were arrested for drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday. Fifty-two of those arrests involved drivers with a blood alcohol content of 0.17 or higher. In Michigan, a police officer can arrest a driver for a BAC of 0.08 or higher, or at any level of BAC if the police officer feels that the driver is impaired.

A person found to be driving under the influence of alcohol can face a driver's license suspension. Harsher penalties like license revocation, court fees and fines and jail sentences may also result from charges and a DUI conviction.

Those who find themselves charged with the crime of driving drunk may want to consult an experienced legal professional to assist them in ensuring a strong defense. A legal professional can help evaluate whether police used proper discretion at the traffic stop and can review evidence such as the investigation report, BAC test results and the accident site report if one been prepared in charging a person with drunk driving, to ensure that law enforcement officers have followed the proper procedure of law.

Source: Click on Detroit, "Michigan police planning drunk driving crackdowns during Super Bowl," Feb. 1, 2013

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