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February 2013 Archives

Breath test refusal causes automatic license suspension

Most Ann Arbor residents know that drunk driving laws in Michigan are very strict. If police suspect that a driver is intoxicated, they may ask the driver to take a breath test. One who refuses to take this test will automatically have their driving license suspended under state law. If police suspect a DUI, they have the right to arrest a driver and to take a blood sample for a chemical test.

Michigan authorities arrest 45 drunk drivers in DUI crackdown

Michigan drivers are frequently reminded that law enforcement agencies periodically conduct enforcement drives to crack down on drunk driving by hitting the roads and looking for intoxicated drivers. These efforts are aimed at curbing drunk driving by arresting drivers who are impaired by alcohol and other substances.

Repeated DUI may result in very long driving license suspension

Anyone who engages in drunken driving should understand that a DUI charge result in lost driving privileges for a long time. One or more previous convictions for such an offense can lead to lost drivers license for an even longer time and sometimes imprisonment. Such violators might see their driving license suspended or revoked on conviction and then be unable to legally drive for many years, if ever.

Michigan high school student charged with vehicular homicide

Ann Arbor residents know that drunk driving laws in the state are very strict. In the event of a death from a traffic accident, accused drunk drivers may face vehicular homicide charges, which can affect the rest of their lives.

Michigan police targeted drunk driving prevention for Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is a day for parties and celebrations in Michigan and across the United States. Sports fans should enjoy the day, but they should also make responsible plans for their transportation. Drunk driving, or driving under the influence of alcohol, is illegal and carries stiff penalties. A driver found to be drunk driving can be charged with a felony by police authorities.

Michigan man charged with DUI after 1-car accident with injuries

People on highways and roads are vulnerable because of the risks posed by drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol. Drunken driving is a serious hazard as it is a cause of fatal accidents on highways. Serious injuries and death are all too often caused by reckless drunken drivers

Chelsea, Michigan police stop vehicle with expired registration

While most everyone has a right to drive, driving with a suspended license is illegal and the person may end up with an impounded vehicle and a citation for a suspended license, expired registration and no proof of insurance. While on patrol recently, a Chelsea police officer noticed a car being driven down Grant Street and noticed the vehicle's registration had expired several months ago.