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Drunk driver's license suspended in Michigan

Drunk driving laws in Michigan are getting stricter every day. Also, traffic stops are regularly organized to check for drunk driving. A minor increase in the blood alcohol level count, beyond the permissible limit, may lead to serious penalties. The person may get his or her driver's license suspended in this case.

Many people may have noticed the regular traffic stops held by officials at various places in the state. According to the statistics provided by the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, 103 people were arrested on charges of drunk driving during the holiday enforcement conducted by the authorities.

This crack-down began on December 27 and continued till January 1. Of 103 people, 30 people were arrested under the new "super drunk law." The law applies to people registering a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.17.

According to reports, officers throughout the state made 3,106 traffic stops. Many people were issued speeding tickets and child restraint citations. Some people were also charged with driving with a suspended license and other violations.

A person convicted of drunk driving may have to face serious penalties, including prison time as well as an ignition interlock system. Losing the right to drive is one of the penalties for drunk driving. Also, as the number of drunk driving incidents increases on the person's record, the severity of the punishment also increases. Although leniency may be applied for a first-time offender, that is not the case for a person with a prior conviction.

One of the ways to avoid these harsh punishments is with sobriety court. The court may permit the person to make a contract with the court to get help for the drinking problem. This program ensures rehabilitation of individuals and also helps them to prevent a second offense. But the person may need to prove to the court his willingness to participate in such a program. The person may get advice from a legal professional who can help him or her to understand the legal implications of the charges and to eliminate or reduce them.

Source:, "Jackson County officers arrest seven drunken drivers during federally funded holiday crackdown," Danielle Salisbury, Jan. 17, 2013

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