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January 2013 Archives

Michigan man faces felony DUI charges

Multiple drunk driving charges may amount to a felony. A felony DUI charge may also be brought if children were in the car, if drugs were used, or if the person caused a death. A Michigan man is accused of driving while intoxicated causing death and fleeing the scene of an accident. He faces two felony charges with sentences of 15 years each.

Drunk drivers face consequences in Michigan

Washtenaw County, Michigan, motorists along with motorists from 21 other counties across Michigan were recently part of a sweeping law enforcement initiative over the holiday season to crack down on people who may have been driving while intoxicated. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning was behind the effort to cut down on drunk driving and its potential consequences.

Drunk driver's license suspended in Michigan

Drunk driving laws in Michigan are getting stricter every day. Also, traffic stops are regularly organized to check for drunk driving. A minor increase in the blood alcohol level count, beyond the permissible limit, may lead to serious penalties. The person may get his or her driver's license suspended in this case.

Michigan police suspect death caused by drunk driving

There are various reasons for road accidents and it cannot be assumed that it is always the negligence of the driver. Many drivers in Michigan take precautions on the road to avoid fatalities. Some accidents may lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Recently, a death was caused by a road accident.

Drunk driver denied parole after board hears family's pleas

It's not just the DUI cases here in Michigan that people learn from; often times, it's stories from other states that remind us that although laws differ from state to state, sometimes the outcomes can be the same.

Class action filed against officer for wrongful DUI arrests

Journalists across the nation, including here in Michigan, have been buzzing lately after a Utah state trooper was accused of wrongfully arresting people and charging them with DUIs despite passing field sobriety tests and subsequent chemical testing.

Battle Creek officer facing drunk driving charges waits for hearing

Residents here in Ann Arbor may have heard about the trouble a Battle Creek police officer found himself in last year after fellow deputies responded to the scene of a drunk driving accident the officer had allegedly caused.

Sturgis man arrested for OWI and expired license

While driving westbound along U.S. 12 through Mottville Township, a Michigan State Trooper says that he had to take "evasive action" after he noticed another vehicle heading towards him earlier this month.