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Multiple drunk driving convictions lead to 6 years in prison

A 52-year-old Wisconsin man was sentenced to six years in prison this month after incurring his 10th drunk driving conviction in the state. But according to police, his record has allegedly twice that many.

During an arrest which took place on May 25 of this year, police claim to have discovered the man "in his freshly damaged vehicle" on the shoulder of the road. Suspecting drinking and driving, officers then asked him to take a field sobriety test which they claim he refused. He allegedly then stated, "I'm done with this," after which he was taken into police custody.

At the station, Wisconsin police submitted a sample of his blood for chemical testing. His BAC is reported to have been .296, more than three times the legal limit. According to police, this 10th arrest added to the 21 other times he had been arrested in several other states since 1982.

Even though none of his previous convictions before 1989 were counted against him, the convictions since then impacted the judge's ultimate decision to sentence him to six years in prison for the drunk driving charges.

A similar case involving a Milwaukee woman ended in a sentence of 10 years in prison after she was allegedly arrested for driving while intoxicated in November. Although it was only her 9th conviction, she likely received tougher penalties because she had a passenger along with her in the vehicle who was under the age of 16.

It is important for drivers to remember that whether you're driving in Wisconsin or another state, drinking and driving can carry severe penalties. This is especially true if you have been convicted multiple times because the most recent conviction could turn into a felony DUI/DWI. It is worth noting that many people across the state have found it helpful to talk to a lawyer well versed in DUI/DWI laws as they can guide you through the entire criminal defense process and help you understand the full extent of consequences.

Source: The Journal Sentinel, "Arrest No. 21 for drunken driving leads to 6-year prison term," Jesse Garza, Dec. 5, 2012

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