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Michigan man accused of multiple crimes after traffic stop

A 46-year-old Michigan man may need a considerable amount of help from his criminal defense attorney after he was arrested this month and charged with at least five crimes in St. Joseph County.

According to police, the man's vehicle was stopped at about 3 am when officers suspected that the driver may have been intoxicated. Although the officers did not indicate the use of field sobriety tests to the media, they did claim that the man was "found to be intoxicated and operating on a suspended license." Officers also claim to have discovered open intoxicants inside the vehicle during the traffic stop, but do not specify whether they were alcohol or not.

Deputies for the St. Joseph County Sherriff's Office say that the man was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession, possession of a hallucinogenic drug, driving with a suspended license, having open intoxicants inside the vehicle, and was also charged with his second drunk driving offense.

Because the information from the arrest was turned over to the St. Joseph County Area Narcotics Unit for further investigations, it is a likely possibility that the man could face further charges, each with their own penalties.

Charges such as this can combine to make a particularly harsh sentence if convicted of these crimes. The second-offense drunken driving alone can turn into a felony charge after multiple convictions stack on a person's record. Situations such as this would be rather difficult to handle on your own and you'd be well advised to speak to a defense attorney who can sort out the charges and possibly protect you from the harsh sentences prosecutors will likely try to throw your way.

Source:, "Deputies seize psychedelic mushrooms during traffic stop in St. Joseph County," Rex Hall Jr., Dec. 26, 2012

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