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Detroit Red Wings prospect arrested for drunk driving

Red Wing fans, who let out a collective groan over the NHL strike, could be in for more bad news after the first-round draft pick Riley Sheahan was arrested in October for drunk driving charges.

According to police reports, the 20-year-old hockey player was pulled over when officers suspected him of driving while intoxicated. When officers asked him for his information, police claim that they were given false information. The Grand Rapids police sergeant did not specify what false information they were given; he did say that the charge can involve a "person providing a false name, date of birth, or presenting themselves as somebody else."

Sheahan was allegedly taken into custody and it was determined that his blood-alcohol content was at above .17. He was charged with drinking and driving and for giving officers false information.

Along with the legal ramifications that the new NHL player could face, managers of the Detroit Red Wings say that they too will be investigating into the matter. Both the assistant general manager and the coach of the Red Wings' minor league affiliate team say they have spoken with Sheahan and are "gathering information internally and making decisions on what [they] can do to help him."

Decisions to drink and drive can have serious consequences; but for professional athletes, these consequences can sometimes be far more severe. For them, a drinking and driving charge can not only have legal ramifications but can seriously damage their sports career as well. His coaches seem to agree to point out that he "made a poor decision." Right now, it's up to the court's to decide what's next.

Source: The Detroit Free Press, "Red Wings aware of Riley Sheahan's arrest for DUI and providing false info," Helene St. James, Nov. 14, 2012

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