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Man arrested for drunk driving after leaving drive-thru

It was an uneventful Thursday night for the employees at a McDonald's in Hastings until one of the workers was alerted to the fact that there was a vehicle at the drive-thru. But instead of a quick order, the worker claims to have gotten a slurred mess of words which then allegedly escalated into irate yelling.

The call came in to the police station and officers were immediately dispatched after the worker called explained that the customer was intoxicated. As they arrived, police claim that the driver then left the parking lot.

Police followed the vehicle eastbound and reported that the driver was swerving and traveling at a slow rate of speed. It was then that officers pulled the man over. According to police records, the man then told officers, "You might as well take me to jail for drunk driving. I'm drunk."

The 52-year-old Hastings man who had been driving the vehicle was then arrested and taken to the Barry County Jail where he was given a breath test. The test indicated that the man's BAC was .19 percent, over twice the legal limit. He was then allegedly charged with super drunk driving, which is given to people whose BAC is at or over .17 percent.

He is being held on charges of drunken driving and could face charges of public intoxication as well. If convicted, his sentence will be based on whether this is his first offense or not. Penalties can include fines, a license suspension, and mandatory alcohol education. More severe penalties could include license revocation or an ignition interlock device placed on his vehicle provided authorities let him keep his car.

Source:, "Hastings man 'irate' at McDonald's drive-thru tells police they 'might as well' arrest him," Angie Jackson, Oct. 9, 2012

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