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October 2012 Archives

Teenager arrested for drunk driving and killing two people

Devastating news out of California has many people here in Michigan asking for stricter underage drinking laws, especially in cases of teenagers getting behind the wheel and driving afterwards.

US waits for Supreme Court decision on forced blood testing in DUI cases

In September of this year, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to decide on whether police across the United States must get a search warrant before forcing a person suspected of drunk driving to have blood drawn. This comes in the wake of many states already having passed several laws which some have argued are against a person's fourth amendment rights.

Michigan man receives settlement after being acquitted of drunk driving

In 2009, around 2:30 am, the sergeant from the Warren Police Department pulled over the then legal and political advisor for the city. According to testimony, the 37-year-old advisor claimed that he had consumed alcohol before driving, but refused the preliminary breath test. When the test was administered at police headquarters, results fluctuated between .07 and .08. According to the arrest report, he was charged with drunk driving and was suspended from his position as an advisor.

Man accused of drunk driving and a hit-and-run

Just before 6 o'clock in the morning, police received a call that there was a possible hit-and-run accident. When police arrived on the scene, they allegedly noticed a vehicle's bumper with its license plate still attached. Along with the bumper, they also claim to have seen a "noticeable debris trail" leading away from the scene of the accident.

Man arrested for drunk driving after leaving drive-thru

It was an uneventful Thursday night for the employees at a McDonald's in Hastings until one of the workers was alerted to the fact that there was a vehicle at the drive-thru. But instead of a quick order, the worker claims to have gotten a slurred mess of words which then allegedly escalated into irate yelling.

Attorney challenges police department on breath test accuracy

An attorney is seeking to have at least 30 DUI cases thrown out of a local court due to inaccurate breath test readings that were used to convict the suspects. A two judge panel has heard the evidence and will soon make a determination.

Three injured in underage drunk driving incident

People in Michigan, and around the country, hear about stories of drinking and driving all the time, but many people feel like it can't happen to them, especially not in their town. But the truth is this can happen anywhere, to anyone. With police actively on the lookout for suspected violators and with state legislature enforcing tougher penalties for drunk drivers, charges against accused persons may put them in difficult situations.

Blood-alcohol calibration could prove Michigan politician innocent

Michigan Representative Bob Genetski is currently on trial for DUI-related charges. Among the contentions from the defense is that the blood alcohol tests that were administered at the time of his arrest were contaminated. If successful, the politician could be found not guilty of all charges against him. If he is convicted, he faces potential fines, loss of license and driving privileges and possibly jail time.

Extra drunk driving enforcement leads to 283 arrests

According to the Michigan State Police, in 2011, more people died in alcohol-involved crashes in August than in any other month. In an effort to reduce this number, state law enforcement officers teamed with the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, stepping up drunk driving patrols starting Aug. 16 of this year.

OWI charges in Canada can follow you home too

Travelling to different countries can be a stressful experience. If not knowing where you're going wasn't bad enough, not knowing the laws can make things even worse. With laws varying so drastically, drivers find the different driving laws especially difficult to navigate.