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Off-duty Michigan police officer faces DUI charges

As many of my readers in Michigan know, there have been a few stories of late about police officers who are facing drunk driving charges. Though these stories may seem to be happening often, what is clear is that police officers are no different from civilians in our state. They make mistakes and can face consequences with law enforcement just like anyone else. They can also face DUI charges just like anyone else.

In one recent case, a police officer in one Michigan town was placed on administrative leave after he was arrested for drunk driving. The incident happened while the officer was off duty. Authorities believe that the officer was driving his pick-up truck at a high rate of speed when he turned a corner too quickly and crashed into a cargo truck. He sustained minor injuries and was treated then released from the hospital.

As is the case in most Michigan DUI cases, the accident that led to the arrest of the off-duty cop is under investigation by local authorities. The officer has served on the Lansing police force for 17 years, and will be subject to an internal investigation there as well. There is no word yet on when he will be expected to appear in court.

There is little information known about whether DeWitt police conducted any tests to determine this officer's blood alcohol levels. As the investigation moves forward, the issue of blood alcohol tests will likely be brought to the forefront of the case.

Just like anyone in our state who has been accused of a DUI, the officer in this matter is innocent of all charges at this time. Unfortunately, this officer is already facing a difficult start to the road ahead as he cannot yet return to work, and is facing media attention on top of that. As the case moves forward, the officer may benefit from a strong defense that will help ensure that his rights are upheld.

Source:, "Officer Suspended After Drunk Driving Crash," Amy Akers, Aug. 24, 2012

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