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Michigan football player faces DUI charges

The playing status of a Michigan football player is unknown after he pleaded guilty recently to DUI related charges in a local court. The DUI charges came as a result of a traffic stop earlier this summer that led to his arrest. The young man was arrested after police say that he had a .12 blood alcohol level, above the .08 legal limit in our state.

Sports officials at the University of Michigan are deciding what additional punishment will be assessed on the player. He may be forced to sit out some of the season's biggest games as a result of the DUI. This team punishment is at the discretion of the coach and has not yet been decided.

Like all of those in Michigan who are accused of a DUI, the young man in this case had the right to present a defense against the claims. His decision to plead guilty in this case may have been the result of careful consideration and deliberation between the defendant and the court. Because the right to choose between presenting a defense and accepting the charges is a fundamental one, the young man was able to determine what was best for him in his situation. In this case, agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for lesser charges may have been the best option available for this young man.

As we have discussed many times before, being charged with a DUI is a serious allegation against anyone. When such charges are made, it may benefit individuals to review all available evidence and alternatives to determine the best course of action. Making such careful reviews can help an individual, and his or her support, navigate the often intimidating legal process.

Source:, "Michigan's Fitzgerald Toussaint pleads guilty to lesser DUI," Aug. 28, 2012

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