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September 2012 Archives

Man rides off into sunset and gets arrested in the process

Nearly everyone in the state of Michigan knows it's illegal to operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated, but what about operating a type of vehicle that isn't motorized? Where does the law stand on that?

Passenger charged with underage drinking in unrelated traffic stop

Everyone in Michigan, and across the nation, knows that underage drinking is a problem. No one is denying that hundreds of underage kids die every year from alcohol related stunts or accidents. What has some people angry is situations in which police, who are supposed to be here to protect us, seem to take things a little too far.

Where you live could affect whether you get a DUI

According to a recent review, the number of drunk driving arrests varies widely throughout the state of Michigan. The review looked at all DUI arrests and led to the finding that more arrests for DUI are made in our state in rural areas than in urban. This may be due to the fact that urban officers are more likely to be busy dealing with other crimes.

Michigan football player faces DUI charges

The playing status of a Michigan football player is unknown after he pleaded guilty recently to DUI related charges in a local court. The DUI charges came as a result of a traffic stop earlier this summer that led to his arrest. The young man was arrested after police say that he had a .12 blood alcohol level, above the .08 legal limit in our state.

Off-duty Michigan police officer faces DUI charges

As many of my readers in Michigan know, there have been a few stories of late about police officers who are facing drunk driving charges. Though these stories may seem to be happening often, what is clear is that police officers are no different from civilians in our state. They make mistakes and can face consequences with law enforcement just like anyone else. They can also face DUI charges just like anyone else.