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Holiday weekend results in 126 DUI arrests in Michigan

As I expected, police officers were very busy over the July 4 holiday. According to numbers recently released, Michigan officers arrested 126 individuals for DUI for the period of July 1 through July 8. Of these arrests, it was reported that 23 had a blood alcohol content of .17 or higher. It can be expected that law enforcement will also be out in force patrolling our highways over the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

These arrests stemmed from more than 3,700 motor vehicle stops. Police have stated that they undertook substantial efforts in reminding Michigan motorists not to drink and drive. One of the more creative methods, I can recall reading were messages that were displayed on urinal cakes and distributed to a large number of drinking establishments across the state.

Police officers from 26 different counties were reported to have participated in the DUI crackdown. Thankfully, no drunk driving fatalities were reported for that period. It is not clear at this time, how many of those arrested have pleaded guilty to the DUI charges they face.

The numbers of arrests made in Michigan for DUI during the July 4 holiday may seem staggering at first glance. However, with the large number of stops and very little information pertaining to the actual evidence that the officers have to prove that those accused were driving while intoxicated, I believe that the convictions that stemmed from these arrests will be far less than the number of arrests made. I have made it known in previous blogs that Michigan police officers take drunk driving very seriously, especially during the holiday season. With Labor Day coming up, it is likely that police officers will likely be on the lookout once again. Nevertheless, being accused of a DUI is not the same thing as being convicted of it, and the right advice may help in confronting the allegations while seeking a favorable result.

Source:, "Statewide Michigan police effort during 4th of July results in 126 drunk drivers off the road, arrested," Aug. 1, 2012

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