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Summer holidays bring increased police patrols in Michigan

The Fourth of July holiday and vacation periods throughout summer typically include Michigan residents gathering to celebrate and enjoy good times with friends and family. In many cases, a get-together involves drinking alcohol. Unfortunately for some, those summer parties lead to DUI charges after they are accused of driving after consuming too much alcohol.

To be charged with a DUI in Michigan, a person must have greater than 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. If the level is found to be even higher, a person can be accused of being " super drunk" in our state, as I have previously discussed on this blog. The super drunk limit for blood alcohol is 0.17 percent. A legal finding of driving while super drunk can lead to increased penalties for anyone convicted of such a DUI offense.

During the summer holiday season, Michigan police increased their level of patrols for drunk drivers. This increase was likely due in part to the 319 deaths in 2011 from drunk driving traffic accidents in our state. The good news, though, is that high number was down significantly from the 2010 numbers for deaths related to DUI.

As we celebrate the summer holidays, it may do well for those of us who wish to enjoy a drink while we celebrate to plan for a designated driver. If this is not possible, limiting the amount of alcohol consumed may keep you away from the increased patrols. However, anyone who does end up facing DUI charges should know that they will be allowed to present a full and complete defense against all of the charges made against them. The right advice may make all the difference in defending against the allegations and achieving a favorable result.

Source: Midland Daily News, "Officers participate in holiday drunken driving crackdown," July 2, 2012

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