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Michigan urinals try to flush DUIs with talking deodorizer cakes

Officials in Michigan are seeking creative ways to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads in our state. The newest plan to reduce DUI incidents involves using urinal deodorant cakes in men's bathrooms across Michigan. The result of this effort, they hope, will be a reduction of drunk driving arrests this holiday season.

The urinal cakes are most often used to deodorize men's bathrooms. Now, however, they are being installed with a recorded message that activates when a man walks up to the urinal. The message tells the man to call a friend or cab if he has been drinking, so that he can avoid a DUI.

The urinal cakes have been passed out to the members of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association in Wayne, Bay, Ottawa and Delta counties. Officials planned to launch the new campaign on July 2 at Detroit's The Old Shillelagh pub. This effort is in conjunction with a nationwide crackdown on drunk driving that extends through July 8 and involves 26 counties in our state.

It is unclear if the talking urinal cakes will have an impact on the number of people in our state who will face DUI charges this holiday week. It's important for Michigan residents to remember, though, that police do not take drunk driving lightly and will be especially diligent this week. If you plan on drinking, getting a ride home with a sober friend or taking a cab may be wise as patrols are increased this week.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, "Michigan using talking urinal cakes in DUI fight," June 28, 2012

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