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July 2012 Archives

Woman could face Michigan DUI charge after head-on crash

Michigan police officers tried to catch and stop a driver who headed past them -- going the wrong way -- in the early morning hours on a Sunday in mid-July. They were unsuccessful in getting to the driver before she crashed head-on into a Chevy Impala. The car accident led to several serious injuries and may result in criminal charges, including DUI, against the woman.

Michigan superintendent faces DUI charges

Being charged with a crime such as drunk driving can be scary for anyone. For those who are in the public eye, the charges may be especially embarrassing, particularly when the court of public opinion so often chimes in before all the facts are known. Recently, a Michigan superintendent of schools had to admit to his board and the public that he faced DUI charges stemming from an arrest on July 8.

Summer holidays bring increased police patrols in Michigan

The Fourth of July holiday and vacation periods throughout summer typically include Michigan residents gathering to celebrate and enjoy good times with friends and family. In many cases, a get-together involves drinking alcohol. Unfortunately for some, those summer parties lead to DUI charges after they are accused of driving after consuming too much alcohol.

Michigan urinals try to flush DUIs with talking deodorizer cakes

Officials in Michigan are seeking creative ways to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads in our state. The newest plan to reduce DUI incidents involves using urinal deodorant cakes in men's bathrooms across Michigan. The result of this effort, they hope, will be a reduction of drunk driving arrests this holiday season.