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Study says driving sleepy is nearly the same as driving drunk

As many of my readers in Michigan know, I often talk about the reasons that people end up behind the wheel of a car after drinking. It can be easy for some to end up with a DUI charge after only a couple of drinks with dinner. It is very common, I have noted, for someone to not realize that they are intoxicated when they get behind the wheel.

Now, a new report that may be of interest to readers in Michigan notes that people who drive while they are sleepy exhibit the same signs as those who have been drinking. In fact, scientists have conducted studies on sleepy drivers from across the world and they have found that driving while tired is not unlike driving drunk.

In addition to driving sleepy, it appears that driving at night has similar effects as driving drunk. One study shows that if a person drives as little as two hours at night, they are just as likely to cause a collision as if they had consumed enough alcohol to be buzzed. It only takes three hours of driving at night to be essentially at the same state as a drunk driver.

As several of my readers know, it is a serious matter to be charged with a DUI in Michigan. Facing DUI charges can be scary for many drivers, especially when they were not drinking at the time of the traffic stop that led to charges. The driver may have only been sleepy or driving for several hours at night.

Source:, "Drowsy Driving Just As Dangerous As Drunk Driving: Study," Amanda L. Chan, May 31, 2012

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