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DUI charges for Michigan mom after daughter reported her

It is not often in this column that we talk about children. More often, as many of my Michigan readers know, I discuss stories about people in our state who have been charged with a DUI offense. Today, however, our report involves a young girl who recently made the grown-up decision to tell authorities when she thought that her mother had too much to drink to drive.

The mother of the 9-year-old Michigan girl had been arrested and charged with a DUI offense twice before the recent incident. Maybe because of this history, the girl decided to enter a bank and pass a note to tellers on duty there stating that her mother was too intoxicated to drive. She did not think it wise for them to get into the car and wanted the bank employee's help.

Though it was admirable for the child to seek help when she felt unsafe, it is unclear if a child as young as she could identify when a person has had too much to drink to drive. In fact, as we have discussed before, in many cases a person finds that they have been charged with a DUI offense after only a drink or two.

Even though the child was acting out of concern for herself and her mother, DUI charges have serious consequences. Because of that, it's important for anyone accused to know that they have legal rights, even if they have been charged with a crime. And understanding your rights can go a long way toward protecting your freedom.

Source: KIAH-TV, "Online Dish: 9-yr-old Turns Her Own Mother into Police for DUI," Maggie Flecknoe, June 20, 2012

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