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DUI charges after woman drives with no tire in Saline

As I have mentioned before, it is often the behavior of a driver that leads police to suspect that he or she is intoxicated. This behavior can include speeding or weaving on the road and can lead an officer to make a traffic stop. When the driver is suspected to have been drinking, an arrest on DWI charges can result.

Recently, a Michigan police officer noticed that a driver was traveling on the road with one of her front tires missing. The officer says the driver was weaving slightly, but that she did not appear to notice the missing tire. The observation led the officer to decide to make a traffic stop to determine why the woman was driving with her car in that condition.

She was apparently driving on Michigan Avenue before she made a turn onto Ann Arbor Street in Saline. As she turned, police say the driver made an overly wide turn and ended up in the oncoming lanes. However, the officer following her noted that the driver corrected and returned to her lane of traffic.

When the car was eventually pulled over by the officer, the woman was said to have had difficulty rolling down her window. Allegedly, the woman's speech was slurred and her eyes watery. She was given field sobriety tests and arrested at the scene for DWI. At the Michigan police station, the driver was given a blood alcohol test. The results reported a blood alcohol level of 0.19.

Though the accused woman must now answer to the DWI charges, she does have a right to present a full defense. She can question all aspects of her arrest and confront any witness against her. In addition, she is permitted to challenge any physical evidence offered against her, and has the right to contest the manner in which police administered any tests as well as the admissibility of any results. Indeed, these tests are not always reliable, and the accused individual has every right to demonstrate that they may have been faulty.

Source:, "Woman suspected of being 'super drunk' after driving in Saline on wheel rim," Kyle Feldscher, May 1, 2012

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