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May 2012 Archives

Michigan dog intervenes when owner is charged with DUI

As we have talked about before, a driver who has been drinking may be discovered by police during something as common as a routine traffic stop. In some situations, a traffic stop can lead to an arrest on DUI-related charges. Those charges can be especially serious if a child is in the car.

Speeding allegations result in 'super drunk' DUI charges

In order for Michigan authorities to arrest a person for DUI or other related offenses, they must first have reason to suspect that a person is driving drunk. In some cases, as we have discussed before, police discover an intoxicated driver as a result of a traffic stop. In other cases, police become aware of a driver after receiving calls from civilians. In many situations, DUI charges result.

DUI charges after woman drives with no tire in Saline

As I have mentioned before, it is often the behavior of a driver that leads police to suspect that he or she is intoxicated. This behavior can include speeding or weaving on the road and can lead an officer to make a traffic stop. When the driver is suspected to have been drinking, an arrest on DWI charges can result.

Central Michigan University basketball star charged with DUI

Drunk driving charges should not be taken lightly, no matter who is facing them. As I have mentioned before, facing a DUI can result in heavy penalties if a driver is convicted. However, there are many hurdles that must be overcome before any conviction can take place.