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Michigan man faces DUI charges after near accident

Accusations of drunk driving may lead to serious ramifications in Michigan, including a license suspension, points on a driving record and fines. However, even when drunk driving does not cause injury or death to oneself or another party, the alleged drunk driver could still face serious penalties.

One man from Willis recently discovered this following his arrest on Feb. 26 for drunk driving. The 22-year-old had supposedly almost rear-ended a woman's vehicle that evening, prompting the woman's husband to contact the police. After police managed to locate the young man's car, they began following him, but only turned on their emergency flashers after he made a purportedly aggressive turn.

In this case, there may well be issues raised regarding probable cause for the traffic stop. The man's driving did not appear to have broken any laws, and although he did not stop immediately for the police once they turned on their flashers, he did turn into a parking lot and came to a halt there. Nonetheless, he was arrested for operating while impaired after a Breathalyzer test showed that his blood alcohol content was 0.16 percent. The legal limit in Michigan is 0.08 percent.

At the time of a local news report about the incident, no charges had been filed as police were awaiting the result of a chemical blood test.

There are many circumstances that could cause a near accident. Slippery roads, distractions and sudden stops can all create a near-accident situation. While it's not clear what the outcome of this matter will be, it is important that those accused of a crime remember that accusations are not always correct.

Source: Saline Patch, "Man Arrested for Drunk Driving," Tran Longmoore, Feb. 27, 2012

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