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March 2012 Archives

Tecumseh man faces DUI charges after crash

Michigan authorities take drunk driving very seriously. Police patrols know how to spot any possible signs that a driver may be operating a vehicle while impaired. Similarly, DUI and other potential charges can result if an accident happens on Michigan roads and police suspect it is attributable to drinking and driving. Sometimes drivers involved in an accident are charged with a DUI, even if they thought that they had not consumed enough to be in violation of state laws.

Traffic stop leads to arrest for Ypsilanti man

Last week I posted about the Michigan "super drunk" law that defines a higher level of drunkenness as a blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent. Under the drunk driving laws in our state, a blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent or greater can face harsher penalties than those whose BAC is under that threshold.

DUI charges for Michigan man in Ypsilanti

The level of alcohol in the blood stream of a driver is a major determining factor for DUI charges in Michigan. Authorities must be able to prove to a court that any person charged with DUI crimes had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Tests can include field sobriety tests as well as blood or breath tests and can be given at the accident or later at a police station or hospital.

Parents, college kids and confidentiality

More often than not, it's a parent who contacts me first after learning that their son or daughter has gotten into criminal trouble. The child is a young, adult living and working on his/her own or away from home studying at the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University. In either case, the parent is understandably upset and concerned about many issues. But, the parent usually pays the legal fees.

Michigan man faces DUI charges after near accident

Accusations of drunk driving may lead to serious ramifications in Michigan, including a license suspension, points on a driving record and fines. However, even when drunk driving does not cause injury or death to oneself or another party, the alleged drunk driver could still face serious penalties.

DUI charges result from Lenawee County car crash

Police in Ann Arbor and throughout the state of Michigan take drunk driving very seriously. When suspected drunk driving is combined with a car accident, a driver could be facing serious charges. One Michigan woman was recently arrested for drunk driving after her vehicle crashed.